see, we once were scared of the rough Atlantic sea, now we. conquered it, for slavers ships back in Roman times and then in 1492/subsequent centuries

Remembering only fishing legends of the plentiful and giant whales of the Finnish & Scandinavian indigenous peoples, or Dolphins for the japanese.

Now, we who live on land try to conquer the sea, and purposely meet “aliens” found upon foreign seas.

The Conquistadors beat slave populations half to death

But still in 2016 there are 3 million native speakers of Yucatec Mayan alone, to say nothing of the other 3 Kingdoms that once ruled the great forest groves & mountain highlands. Where once were throughout the high mexican woodlands, and native Parakeets lived in North Carolina by big native venus fly traps



biofuel and fossil fuels are just the modern form of mummies

that europeans would eat the bones of

and turn the ashen skin of into powders

that would be put on easel whilst faces turned towards ivory

and from thus the vampire was born

once real, now just inspired!